Hi guys!

My name is Erin Caroline Sellars and I am a fashion/beauty/travel/lifestyle/DIY blogger based in the deep south! My hometown was established in the early 1800's and most of the gorgeous antebellum homes built then are still just as beautiful today as they were then (and yes, people do still live in them!) It is really such a beautiful and historic place! I am beyond blessed that I get to call this place home! I have one dog child, Patton. He is an English Setter and I am convinced he is the sweetest dog to ever live! (Seriously, he acts just like a human!)  I have such incredible friends, family, and readers that have continuously supported me on this new journey! I launched this blog in January of 2015 and I can not wait to see what opportunities lie ahead! Please join me on this journey as I try to live a fashionable life with the people I hold dear as I seek to further the kingdom of my Creator and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who has so richly blessed me beyond measure! 

Love you all,

Erin Caroline Sellars