Hey everyone! My name is Erin Caroline Sellars and I am 24 years old and I live in the extremely small town of Lowndesboro, Alabama. Lowndesboro is a beautifully preserved antebellum community with a population of roughly 200! Yes, I know that is unbelievably small! However, this small town still maintains a rich tradition and a contagious community atmosphere. (Post on the history of this exquisite town to be featured later on the blog!) The landscape of Lowndesboro consists mainly of dirt roads surrounded by trees adorned with spanish moss and pastures filled with grazing livestock. There is also an abundance of both cotton and hay fields. At night you can step out on your porch and look up to see the star filled sky without buildings and city lights obscuring your view.  And it is so quiet and peaceful! Seriously it is quite dreamy! 

As far as my educational background goes, I attended Lowndes Academy, the only school in Lowndesboro, from kindergarten through 12th grade. (Fun Fact: I graduated with 26 people!-how crazy is that?) I then attended Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, where I met some of my best friends, joined a social sorority (Shoutout to Chi Omega!), and participated in various campus organizations such as International Justice Mission, College of Liberal Arts Student Ambassador Society, and RUF (Reformed University Fellowship). I graduated from Auburn in May of 2013, with a bachelor of science degree in communication disorders. My plan (I laugh when I hear myself say that) was to immediately go back to school (preferably, Auburn) and pursue a masters of speech-language pathology degree. I laugh when I say "my" plan because my plans totally fell through. Although I had a slightly above average GPA, great relationships with faculty, and letters of recommendation, I was not accepted for admission to graduate school. That really hurt my ego. But little did I know that the Lord was saying to me "trust me. my plans for you are far better than anything you could plan for yourself.") Im not going to say it was easy to accept because it definitely was not but I sought Him for guidance and answers and not long after was contacted by a dear friend about a job opportunity in Selma with the school system and was hired by the Special Education Department to be one of their three SLP's (speech-language pathologist)! This is my second year here and it is a job full of ups and downs and laughs and cries. I am needed by these kiddos far more than I ever thought and truth be told I need them even more! I will never get tired of hearing them call my name, "Ms. Sellars," or seeing them run through the hallway and throw their arms around me for a hug, inviting me to their birthday parties, and coloring me pictures! The Lord has taught me so much about trust, faith, selflessness, and unconditional love in these past 2 years and I am so thankful! It is such a blessing to be a part of these kids' lives and I consider it a privilege to be able to love on them and to watch them grow and overcome the many obstacles they face. Ok, sorry for the emotional rant but I just love them and thank God for this "portion" in my life right now!

My desire for erincaroline is to be a source for inspiration that covers everything from fashion and beauty to home and travel. I just realized I left someone of immense importance out...my dog child, Patton! Patton is a beautiful english setter and is seriously the best dog ever! Like hands down, the best! I adopted Patton at the age of 4 and he is now 7 years old! He has been mine for 3 going on 4 years! He loves babies, children, cuddles, and extremely long naps (basically we are the same person!) But seriously, just wait until I post a picture of him, I just know you will love him too! Other people of importance are my two wonderful parents who, praise the Lord, have been married for 30 years and set such a wonderful example of the importance and necessity of marriage. I also have a younger sister, Morgan. Morgan is almost exactly three years younger than me and is one of my best friends! And then there is David. David and I have been dating for six almost seven months! He is my best friend and I love going on adventures with him! David, you're the best!

Basically, I started this blog for fun and as a way to give you a glimpse into my life! Featuring: fashion, beauty, travel, diy projects, photography, and things and people that I love!! Sorry for the lengthy and somewhat sappy first post but I hope it gives you a little insight into my life and plans and purpose for this blog! I hope that it encourages you to live an intentional life of purpose and to live a life of joy and happiness that glorifies the Creator! I am so humbled by the support and love shown to me by you all! Please subscribe and email/message me! I would love to get to know a little about each of you!! Ya'll are so awesome and I am excited to take on year 2015 with you all!!

Huge thank you to Koli Nichols and Brittany Benton Massey for being a huge part of this shoot! Literally couldn't have done it without you two!!

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