Hey everyone!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was very relaxing since we had Monday off for MLK Day. So I got some much needed rest! David and I hung out around his house with his family and we also went to see Paddington (my pick-it was so sweet!) and American Sniper (David's pick). WOW! They were both great but American Sniper was so emotional and patriotic and I LOVED it. David actually went with friends yesterday to see it again! What an amazing story about an exceptional man! My heart goes out to his wife and kids as well as our military and veterans! They do so much more than we know or think we know. The sacrifices they make and things that they endure are just so unimaginable but I am so thankful we have brave women and men that fight willingly and with honor to ensure we keep our freedom! (Sorry, I just got on a rant but it was seriously so good, everyone should see it!) This post is one I did on New Years Day and I am just now getting to share it with you all but better late than never right?! 

So one of my favorite things to do is to apply makeup to myself or my friends! There is just something about makeup that makes it sort of like art, in a sense you are creating a masterpiece on your face! I am not saying makeup is for everyone because I know some people are allergic to it or don't like it , and some people prefer not too wear much at all. Whatever your preference is I'm sure you look great! Different strokes for different folks ya know? But anyway I am just fascinated by the colors and brushes, and lip stains and glosses... I'm getting carried away but seriously I love it! But lately since I am a speech therapist in a school system and I wake up just in time to throw on some clothes, brush my teeth and rush out the door I haven't made much time for glam before school. So I have a five minute foundation, powder, concealer, mascara, gloss routine down pat but when it comes to getting ready to go out on dates, or for special occasions I have sort of been in a makeup slump. Which is no fun because I love learning new application teqniques and trying different products! So, for the new year I decided to treat myself to a makeover! And this wasn't just any makeover where you go to a cosmetic counter in the mall and they put whatever makeup THEY think you need on and everything is so expensive and you end up feeling like you should buy a product or two from them before you leave (even if you aren't thrilled with the way it looks or how much it costs!!). That is not a fun makeover and I usually go straight to the mall bathroom and scrub my face before I walk out of the store. So for this makeover I chose an extremely talented cosmetologist who has her own business, Brittany Benton Massey Hair and Makeup! Ya'll, I have stalked her and her work for years on Facebook and Instagram and was dying to have her do my makeup! I contacted her through email and since I was in such a rush to get this post up she willingly let me come to her house on New Years Day and have her do it! (Yes, I know she's awesome!) You guys she is beautiful in pictures but she is a ray of sunshine when she walks into the room! Seriously, she is so genuinely beautiful inside and out and she uses her talent to make others look and feel beautiful too! Did I mention she has the most precious family ever? Because she so does!! Her and her husband welcomed their second child in November of last year. Brittany and her husband are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet and their children are just so precious it's not fair!! I'm getting off track but I can't help it I just want everyone to meet them and know about their incredible family!!... But anyway, Brittany immediately introduced herself when she walked into the room  and said how excited she was to be doing my makeup for my blog photos (more coming soon) and encouraged me about the whole blogging process! (She is SO great, I am trying to get her to do a blog/website too because she is just so precious and has the most perfect little family!-maybe you all can help me talk her into it!)  So after letting me meet her sweet family and talking with me about my vision for the blog, she asked if I had a particular look in mind and I told her I wanted a dramatic but natural eye and natural lips. And that is exactly what I got! After she finished, I asked her if I could look at some of the products she used on me and I was surprised that it was a mix of high quality products and really awesome drugstore steals!! Meaning this look can be created for anyone's budget! Another perk I love! Below are some pictures of the getting ready process taken by the wonderful Koli Nichols ! If you are interested in having Brittany do makeup or hair for your special occasion contact me for her info or check her out here !

It's a new year full of new beginnings so why not update your look by refreshing your old makeup stash? It is so much fun to mix new products with ones you consider to be your makeup must-haves! I would love to hear what some of your staple products are so tell me by subscribing and commenting below!  ** Also, In the pictures below I had not yet done my hair. I showered and let it air-dry while Brittany did my makeup! So that is why it looks the way it does..whoops! But, I did do my hair after at home before taking any more pictures! Hope you all enjoy!!



Special thanks to these two talented ladies! Couldn't have done it without either of them!

Makeup: Brittany Massey        

Photography: Koli Nichols