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Outfit details: "Beloved" raglan -Shop Hello Grace // Tattered Up Shred Slip - Free People  // Socks - TJMAXX (sold out) but I love these 

Devotional Book - "New Morning Mercies" by Paul David Tripp // John MacArthur Study Bible ESV

Hi loves! I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and I am wishing for all of you to have a happy New Year!! As many of you know 2015 has not been my favorite year so I am welcoming 2016 with open arms and an open heart! Trusting God's will and purpose for me in the upcoming year - not my own! I am praying that you all would adopt that same perspective as you welcome in the new year! 

Today, I am sharing with you how I like to keep grounded in the Word. It has been easier for me this year than ever before because I have needed to press into Jesus like I have never felt like I've needed to before. It's been a blessing to realize that He is my only comfort. Jesus is ALL I need. Do I long to be married and have a family of my own someday? YES!! But I know that my God is sovereign and I am trusting that if His plan and will for my life is for me to be married then He created a man to be my husband when he created me! So I will wait in faith until He brings us together! Until then, I want to dive into a deeper relationship with my Savior!

As I have mentioned before in a few instagram posts, I started Paul David Tripp's "New Morning Mercies," in September and fell in love!! It is a daily devotional that offers a gospel-filled story with challenges and applications for our daily lives! Each devotion is tied to scripture so you are constantly encouraged to be in the Word! It has been such a blessing to me and since I started it so late into this past year, I plan on starting it from the beginning on January 1st and I would love to have you guys join me in reading this day by day devotional! If you have it and love it or plan to get it sound off in the comments below to let me know!

I also want to share with you guys my study-Bible. I LOVE this Bible. It has been a major blessing and tool in my spiritual life too. I bought this MacArthur Study Bible from Amazon my senior year in college. I didn't have a study Bible and really saw the importance in having one. Let's be honest, there is a lot of deep, deep, and often quite confusing issues that my non-biblical scholar mind just can't comprehend - that's where the study Bible comes into play! It is there to be an added resource and to shed some light on confusing topics - of course, you should do some research before you choose just anyone's opinion to take as truth. I highly recommend John MacArthur. 

This study Bible contains, MacArthur's personal study notes below the full-length Bible text. Almost every scripture has a matching study note with detailed information, explanation, and helpful insight. The notes are based on MacArthur's verse-by-verse approach to the Bible and nearly forty years of careful study. The MacArthur Study Bible has been such a blessing in my life! It can transform your personal time in God's Word by clarifying difficult passages, bringing unseen cultural and historical details to life, and helping you understand and apply biblical truth.

Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to encourage you all to go check out my friend Grace's shop -SHOPHELLOGRACE! She designs the comfiest sweatshirts and tees that are both faith based and fashionable! Seriously, does it get any better than that for us Christian fashionistas?!!! I think NOT! Anyway, they are inspired y the goodness of God and their desire to convey a positive message about who He is through their designs! That is awesome and I wholeheartedly support that awesomeness! and I hope you guys will too! 

I hope you guys have a great day and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'm seriously praying blessings over you all as we enter into 2016! I hope you all know just how much your love and support has meant  and continues to mean to me!! You guys are seriously the best!! 

Love to you all! XOXO,


*Special thanks to my friend Grace from Shop Hello Grace for sponsoring this post! [photography:]