Brunette Balayage

So two weeks ago I decided to follow my gut and make a drastic (well, drastic for me) decision! I decided to put some color in my hair! This was a HUGE deal for me because I have NEVER EVER (like never in 24 years) put any type of color in my hair! Any highlights I have had have been from the sun!  But I decided to schedule a hair appointment with my hair stylist Brittni and give it a go. She is literally the only person that I will let touch my hair! I found her from one of my best friends in college and have only gone to her since! Even though it isn't exactly down the road from where I live, having someone I trust do my hair makes it so worth it! But, due to literally always being outside, my hair has continued to fade from a rich brown color to a lightened caramel color and I just really love being a deep brown brunette! Haha (does that make any
sense?) I don't know! So I finally decided I wanted to have some highlights/lowlights of my natural color put in my hair to give it some added depth and dimension. Some of you may not see any difference in my hair because the change is so subtle but that is what I love about it! I hate anything really drastic and going from one extreme to the other never flatters anyone! I am a firm believer in "gradual" changes over time and always testing the waters before I dive head first into something drastic! I admit I was extremely nervous to have Brittani color my hair but I trusted her and I have spent a lot of time contemplating and pinning (everyone follow me on pinterest- username: Erin Sellars) about color that I felt at peace with my decision (yes, I take haircare very seriously). I can definitely tell a very subtle change in my hair color and I absolutely love it! It looks completely natural and I have a mix of both natural and sun highlights throughout that blend so well with this deeper brown color lowlight that Brittani put in! I also love that she kept a lot of my hair untouched to let some of the naturalness come through! I could not be more pleased with how it turned out! If any of you are in the Auburn, AL area you should definitely schedule an appointment with Brittani at 2Chic!! You won't be disappointed! Also, be sure to tell her I sent you!!

And the result...

I am IN LOVE with how it turned out and a fresh cut helps my hair feel SO healthy!!