GO GREEN - DIY Cucumber Mint Scrub

So in the spirit of celebrating Saint Patrick's Day and all things green... I decided to share with you all this cucumber-mint scrub recipe I found on Pinterest that I LOVE!!! Seriously you guys have to try this!! You'll thank me later! It's simple, gentle on skin and super affordable to make! I love making this face scrub because I am an avid believer in skin exfoliation and I love anything mint!! I am sharing the recipe for this super amazing scrub/ morning pick-me-up below! Best part of this recipe is that you probably already have all of the ingredients you will need for this scrub already on hand in your kitchen pantry!

    Cucumber Mint Scrub Recipe:

1 Cucumber

3-4 cups of sugar (less or more depending on the intensity of the exfoliation you desire)

1/2 tbsp. olive oil

1 cup of chopped mint leaves


1. Using a fruit/vegetable peeler, remove skin from cucumber and dice into small chunks.

2. Place cucumber chunks into blender and puree until it is a liquid.

3. Add desired sugar, olive oil, and chopped mint leaves.

4. Blend contents together 

5. Pour scrub into desired container/jar (When I make this I usually use a rather large cucumber so I make enough scrub to fill a few jars. 

6. Due to the contents in this scrub you will need to keep it refrigerated. (I usually get a whole month in 1 jar! Since I usually fill more than one jar, I will place one in the fridge and freeze the others.)

I am NOT a morning person so I welcome anything that helps me wake up and feel refreshed in the mornings and this scrub does the trick! The exfoliation it provides makes my skin feel incredibly smooth and aids in easier makeup application. The cucumber helps eliminate any redness I might have and calms my skin. The cool mintiness (not sure thats a word?) of this scrub wakes me up and makes me feel energized and ready to take on the day! I hope you guys give this a try and fall in love with it too!! Be sure to let me know how it turns out and message me if you guys have any questions!! 






Seriously how healthy does this chopped cucumber look?! Just think of all of the health benefits this will have on your face!

Yes, that is an old blender but it still does the job!! 

I place my scrub in these cute little Mason jars or jam jars!! Can't wait to use this scrub in the morning!!