Meet Camille

Mourning the loss of a sweet and precious friend of mine today but rejoicing knowing that she is at the feet of our Savior! I met Camille in college and we were friends through mutual friends but did not get close until June of last year when we were celebrating at the beach for a friend's bachelorette weekend. One conversation on past relationships and God's provision and sovereignty through it all on the beach one day was all it took for us to become best friends! Camille just had this sincerity and kindness to her that is a very rare thing to find in people these days. She always had something to talk about and every conversation with her pointed to Christ and furthering His kingdom. Growing up I always longed for the kind of friend that Camille was to me so to lose her wise counsel and encouraging friendship so soon really hurts. Even though we didn't get to see each other much because of living in different cities and having busy schedules we always made a point to text each other often and catch up with phone calls. Even through text message she was always offering encouragement to me by recommending books and devotionals to me that had really touched her and deepened her walk with the Lord. (Friends just don't get any better than that!) I am telling you all about her today for a few different reasons: 1) Because the realization of her passing is still so fresh on my mind that I can't seem to think of anything else, 2) She supported the idea of this blog and was giving constant encouragement to me in its beginning stages, and 3) My life truly changed through her friendship and to not share who she was with you all would be a mistake. Camille taught me to see myself not as I see me, but as God sees me: forgiven, cherished, and redeemed! I could write for days on Camille's heart and testimony but there is no better way to tell you about it than to read it in her own words. Below is the link to her blog where she shares God's work in her life all while giving Him the glory. Camille was the type of person that would bend an ear to listen if you needed her to and would give you the best advice, and offer encouragement to anyone struggling with something in their life and always point them to Jesus. Camille has blessed me personally through our conversations and friendship, she has blessed my relationship with David through understanding and advice, and she has also blessed my potential marriage (if God calls me to be a wife) through her wisdom and advice. I pray that you all get to know Camille's heart  through reading her blog posts. I know that if you do, you will all feel encouraged! Today we celebrate Camille's life (January 7, 1991 - February 27, 2015) which shone so brightly and abundantly and we rejoice knowing that she is basking in the glory of our Creator. 


Sorry this isn't a great picture and our eyes are glowing but we are in the middle back above and middle front below.