The weather has been such a bore here in Alabama lately. It feels like it has rained for 2 weeks straight so when we had a day with no rain this weekend, David and I took advantage of the break in the showers and decided to have a picnic! So we grabbed one of my favorite handmade quilts (my great grandmother's) and a vintage picnic basket of mine that I have been dying to use, and packed some lunch and headed out to the beautiful lawn of an antebellum home near my house and spent the afternoon laughing and enjoying one another's company! I have been waiting to wear this dress from DRESSBARN for quite some time now but no occasion has seemed fitting enough until now for it to make it's debut! I absolutely love the classic look of this dress. You really can't go wrong with black and white color-blocking! But seriously, the fabrics, the fit, and the vintage look of this dress make it perfection! As you can see I took turns accessorizing with my wide brim hat and pearl studs to a brightly colored statement necklace which is also from Dressbarn! So let me give you guys a little background on DRESSBAR... DRESSBAR is DRESSBARN's first ever designer collaboration which launched in March!! The collection designed exclusively for DRESSBAR includes the works of designers Carmen Marc Volvo, Heidi Weisel, and Adrianna Papell! If you are looking to buy a fabulous dress at a fabulous price, then head on over to DRESSBAR's website! Hope you guys enjoy!


* Thanks to DRESSBARN for sponsoring this post.






The colors in this quilt are so amazing! I love quilts!


Nothing beats the charm of a beautiful southern home!!


LOVE this statement necklace from Dressbarn!

DRESS: DRESSBAR // Necklace: DRESSBARN // Lipstick: MAC "Pink Nouveau"