Some of you have asked how we drained the water from the tub and I'm not sure my explanation alone was all that great so here is a picture of the little trench/run-off we dug below the drain. we just dug one about 2 feet long and the water drained perfectly!




Here is another picture to show you how deep we dug the drain/runoff.

I know, this picture is blurry but I wanted a picture of this so bad!


Swooning over these twinkle lights in the trees and all of the candles. Relaxing for sure!

David, and I built this hot tub for use mainly in the winter months but after reading about the effects of taking a detox bath, and me being sick this week and weekend we decided to give it a try for spring! We just poured about 3 cups of Epsom salt into the hot water and let it dissolve for  about 5-6 minutes, put on our swimsuits and detoxed for an hour or so! I admit, it was hot! But I really did feel better when I got out! It's always a good thing to sweat the impurities in your skin and body out through a detox bath!

I LOVE this picture of our fire! David dug a hole about two feet deep and three feet wide for our fire. 

Voila!! Finished product! How dreamy is this?!! Perfect for keeping warm in the winter months or detoxing year round!! Just add some twinkle lights, candles, epsom salt, and a relaxing Pandora station and you're all set!


Hey guys! Ok, so this post is long over due but better late than never right?! Well, David and I got this idea to create a "redneck hot tub" from one of the outdoor/wilderness shows my dad is always watching. I think it might have even been "Live free or Die," anyway I think the man that made a hot tub on the show was really making it to stay warm while taking a much needed bath (I don't think he had showered in months...gross, I know!) but he made something like this and David and I thought how fun it would be to make a hot tub! Anything spa-like or relaxing and tranquil has my name all over it and of course, being a fireman, anything that involves fire has David's name written all over it! So we decided to give it a try! I came across this old cast iron tub from I forgot where but I have had it a while and just hadn't fixed it up yet (my dream is to one day have it restored to the claw-foot beauty it once was!) Anyway, cast iron tubs are generally pretty easy to come across, it does not have to be new one or squeaky clean. This one still has rust stains permanently etched into the sides and bottom of this one (whites ok to still soak in because they are just stains not actual rust). Cleaning it was a pain but worth it! To clean the inside of the tub, we used a combination of hydrogen peroxide and Clorox2. (If you want to know in depth how we cleaned it and what products we used, feel free to email me and I will message you back with the details!!) After we cleaned the tub, David dug a hole for the fire (about 2 feet deep and three feet wide) and a small trench for the water to drain out of (see picture above). After that, all that was left to do was decorate! I used the five panel shutters for privacy from the road/house and just to give it that outdoor-open room feel. I also used several boxes of twinkle lights and strung them between two trees to add some ambience! And of course candles!! I could have used 500 candles but David would have made fun of me and I settled on letting 6 be enough! Now for the directions for the water/fire....

You want to fill the tub with however much water you want (it's totally preference so just however much you want!) After your water is in the tub, light your fire underneath. You should start your fire about an hour before you plan to get in the tub because it does take a while for all of the water to heat up! Make sure to keep an eye on your fire to make sure to doesn't get out of control. After an hour or so, your water should be feeling pretty toasty! Once the water temperature is at your desired level, put the fire out! (YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER EVERRRRRR GET IN THE TUB WHILE THE FIRE IS GOING UNDERNEATH!!) I promise you, you WILL burn your buns!! WARNING: The bottom of the tub will be hot, hot, HOT!!! So be super careful and gradually make your way into the tub! If the bottom is still too hot, let it cool some more. I promise the water will still be hot, you just want to make sure you can sit on the bottom and tolerate it! After all, this is supposed to be relaxing!!! 

I hope you all enjoy this DIY and give it a try! If you do be sure to let me know how it turns out for you! I'm sure you will all do awesome with it! And again as always, thank you all for your support and love! Even from those of you I know only through blogging! Your support and encouragement means the world to me and I am so thankful for every ounce of it!! Love you all!!  **If you are new to the blog please comment or message me so I can get to know you! And as always send me your email by clicking "subscribe!"  I hope you all have a wonderful week!