Love the way these jeans zip over my booties!! 

Love the way these jeans zip over my booties!! 



Happy Friday All!! I, for one, am SUPER pumped because I get two weeks off from work! That means it's full on Christmas 24/7 over here! Christmas is my favorite holiday and I am so glad I get two full weeks to bask in the gloriousness of it all! As I've mentioned numerous times on here, the weather in Alabama is crazy. You can literally be freezing and bundled up like you're in Antarctica one day and the next day lay out and bask in the sun like it's summer. (Side note: That's a true story - 3 years ago Alabama had a freak "ice storm" with some snow and it stayed like that for 3 or 4 days and then one morning it was warm enough that I lounged outside in a bathing suit trying to get a winter tan!) But, as I was saying the weather is weird here and it's currently really cold but the sun is shining making it warmer so if you're outfitted in long pants and a sweater you should be golden throughout the day! I recently got this sweater from ROMWE and I couldn't love the knot back and oversized fit enough!! (Maybe the knot is supposed to go in the front? I' not too sure. I prefer to put it in the back! I paired it with some of my favorite Anine Bing charcoal jeans! About I said these are some of my favorite jeans and when these pictures were taken they were in pristine condition with no holes! But then...I went to a friend's engagement party that night and was leaving her house with an armful of decorations trying to hurry and walk down the concrete stairs...well, let's just say they now have a nice little hole right in the right knee! I was so mad because now they're ripped but my sister reminded me that ripped jeans are in and to be thankful the hole is in a place where it makes them look like I bought them that way! I guess it could be worse, so I'm starting to get over it! Anyone have that kind of luck? Just me?...OK. Anyway, if you haven't heard of ROMWE, it's an international women's fashion store/website where you can find the latest trends for a really good price! I'm talking SUPER affordable! And they usually have good sales going on! As I mentioned in the details above, this sweater is currently 60% off!! I received tons of compliments on it when I wore it and I know it would look amazing on you too! Head on over to their website to grab yours before they sell out and be sure to browse their other items while you're there!! 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!




*Thanks to ROMWE for sponsoring this post!