Hi guys! Let me first make a disclaimer for this post: This post was in no way sponsored by Chanel. Trust me, I wish I could get their stuff discounted or free or be paid to promote their products but... it's Chanel and that's just not happening! However, I have collected different items over the past year and this is my current Chanel stash and I'm more than slightly obsessed! Yes, Chanel is pricey but in my opinion there are just certain products you HAVE to splurge on! These are some of the items I use and recommend!

Foundation - Seriously, the best foundation I have ever used to match my skintone and cover my imperfections without it looking unnatural. The coverage is amazing and is easily buildable for those who want additional coverage! I have a very fair skin tone and I love that Chanel has the perfect ones for fair skin tones.

Concealer - I love this concealer! It goes on extremely well with my Chanel foundation so I love using those two together! Other concealers that I have used and loved are Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage and Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen.

Eyeshadow - I use to only wear MAC eyeshadows but I love the palettes and singles from Chanel. They are highly pigmented without being over-the-top dramatic and I am obsessed their smoky eye palette! I mean who doesn't love a good smokey eye?!

Mascara - HOLY MOLY! If you want the false lash effect without having to actually wear falsies, this is your go-to mascara! Seriously this mascara gives amazing volume, and length and just does wonders for your lashes! This mascara comes in a waterproof tube also but I have not yet tried it! I am the type of girl that could cry at a moment's notice so I should probably invest in the waterproof formula of this mascara also but I tend to shy away from waterproof mascaras since they can be a big pain to take off!

Lipstick - I can't even describe the rich colors of Chanel's lipsticks but they are absolute perfection! If I could I would invest in like every color they make because they are all just so dreamy and provide long-lasting color! When looking at Chanel's lipstick choices you can easily get overwhelmed trying to decide what looks best on you so I recommend going to your local Chanel counter and having someone help you find what shade looks best with your skintone and hair color! Plus it's super fun!

Lotion- This was a huge splurge for me but since I was told this tub would last me a good 8-9 months with everyday use I just had to try it out! It has a nice smell without being overly fragrant and it feels amazing on my face! It also sits well on my skin underneath my makeup!

Perfume - This is my signature scent! And worth every penny in my opinion! I have several other perfumes that I use to switch it up every now and then but this scent will always be my very favorite!

I know these products are pricey and believe me I did not buy them all at one time! But I did try one product at a time and fell in love with them all! So I just had to share them with you! Do any of you wear Chanel beauty products? Are there any that I'm not currently using that I should try?! Be sure to let me know in the comments below! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

XOXO, Erin