Hey loves! Ok so I know that we are like literally at the end of winter and I am so so sorry I slacked on this post! (it was supposed to go live in December but...yeah) anyways it's technically still winter and it never hurts to be prepared for next year!Also, you can use these sparingly all year round to keep your skin extra smooth and hydrated!  Today. I am sharing with you all some of my favorite products to use on my skin (in general, but especially the winter!) We all know how harsh winter weather can be to our skin. Our skin can get chapped by the wind, dry, itchy, etc. Basically it gets rough and we should be prepared! And most of the time our everyday facewash and moisturizers just don't get the job done when it comes to the harshness of winter weather!

CHEEKY BABY BUTTER - Let me first just say this product is USDA-certified organic with 100% all-natural ingredients and is an all-purpose, nutrient-rich organic cream. This stuff works wonders for dry skin, hands, feet, knees, and elbows! Originally formulated for babies but works just as well for adults. (seriously, people make THE BEST STUFF for babies!) Yes, it is a bit on the pricey side for such a small jar but a little seriously goes a long way! I bought mine back during the Nordstrom anniversary sale and this one jar will last me all through the winter season! If I had a baby I would definitely rub this natural goodness all over them to protect their delicate skin!

AQUAPHOR - Another product that's safe for use on babies! I love this stuff! I use it at bedtime on scrapes, rashes, flaky patches of skin, etc that I might have.

BIO-OIL - Great for putting on areas prone to stretch marks right after the shower. Let the oil absorb into your skin before putting on your lotion!

EIGHT HOUR CREAM - I don't know how I ever lived without this stuff! I had always heard excellent things about this product from reviews online but when I found out that it was a Kourtney Kardashian must-have I just had to try it out!! (No, I'm not super obsessed with the Kardashians, nor do I support everything they do or stand for.) I watch their show mostly because I think Kourtney is just the cutest little mom and I love how much she loves her kids and the crazy things her and Khloe say to one another!

VITAMIN E OIL - I love that vitamin E is a multi purpose vitamin -great for your skin and nails! I take 2 tablets per day and can totally tell a difference in my skin and hair when I take them!

VASELINE - Ever since I heard Jennifer Anniston swears by putting vaseline on her face before bedtime to keep the wrinkles at bay I have always kept a small travel size vaseline with me everywhere I go! It's super affordable and effective!

Like I said, I know it's a little late but still I think you all would love to incorporate these products into your everyday skincare routine! They have made such a difference in mine! Be sure to subscribe to all of my social media channels for fun giveaways coming up! They're available for subscribers only!! I hope you all are having a great week! Love you all!