Wouldn't life be just a little easier if there was an affordable tampon subscription service that delivered straight to your door? Wouldn't it be even better if said tampons were also 100 percent cotton with no additional additives!! Well, meet "Lola." The subscription service, which runs at $10 a box or two for $18, is mix-and-match, so you can pick the number of different absorbencies according to your typical cycle. We research everything else we consume or expose our bodies to, why should our feminine products be any less important? They shouldn't! That's why I have switched to Lola and will never go back!

Did you know...

  • The FDA doesn't require tampon brands to disclose comprehensive ingredients
  • The average woman will use 15,000 tampons and pads over the course of her life
  • No research has been conducted on the long-term effects of artificial fibers in tampons.

"In the absence of information, we'll always choose to be simple and natural."



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