Today's topic of discussion is about my favorite makeup essential - lipstick! When I was little I remember playing in my mom's makeup and being absolutely fascinated with lipstick. I just loved the different colors and that when I would put it on it would  make me feel "fancy" haha ( and after I put on her lipstick, I would go play in her heels!) I guess in a way it still does. There's just something about it that completes your look. It makes you look very polished and feminine. Very old-fashioned beauty. My favorite makeup look of all the decades was the 40-50's - natural eyes and face, accentuated with a bold red lip! That look is just so effortless looking yet very feminine! Whenever I am having a not so great day or just need a little pick me up, I like to go to the makeup counter and find a bold new shade that feels right at that moment and add it to my collection! Obviously I don't do this EVERY time I feel like my day isn't going great but if you're ever needing a pick me up - go buy yourself a new lipstick! It works for me! I prefer to go to the makeup counter and play around with the colors before I decide which shade to purchase but you can get great lipsticks at the drugstore too! Do what fits your budget, girl! But either way go get yourself a bold new lipstick and rock it with confidence! Below I am sharing some of my favorite shades. What are some of yours?