Happy first day of FALL, friends!!! I am so excited that today starts a new season! My very favorite season!!  I feel like EVERY girl says that fall is her favorite time of the year but it REALLY is mine! Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday and I am obsessed with all things green, red, santa, snowmen, etc. But my favorite season of the year is hands down fall! I seriously cant get enough of it and since I cant get enough of it I decided to decorate and celebrate a little early! I have been celebrating and enjoying "Fall" since the day after labor day and plan on enjoying it until November 31st! That’s right! Almost 3 whole months of pumpkin spiced everything, autumn candles, Halloween movies, and spiced baked-goods! I figured I would share a few of the old and new things I am incorporating into my fall festivities this year in case you guys want to try some of them to! Here are my 21 ways to enjoy and get the most out of Fall! I hope you all enjoy! (Be sure to sound off in the comments what some of your favorite fall must-haves or things to do! I love when y'all share your traditions with me!)


1.     CANDLES - Buy a candle that screams fall to you! My favorites are always “pumpkin-spice” or “autumn” scented. The one I am currently loving came from TJMAXX and is from DW Home and is labeled “Autumn.”

How do I use this as part of my fall routine? – Light that sucker everywhere and anytime you get the chance! This means at night when you are winding down and getting ready for bed (I do this when I am in the bath, and in my room doing my devotional, blogging, or watching a Halloween movie!)


2.     MOVIES -Watch as many Halloween movies as you can!! I can’t really watch scary movies. I’m wayyy too paranoid and I just get scared out of my mind at some things that I cant and don’t enjoy them! BUT… I grew up watching the Halloween town movies on Dismey Channel and to this day my sister and I HAVE to watch them at Halloween, (It just doesn’t feel like fall without them!) MY FAVE Halloween movie is for sure “Hocus Pocus” – Im quite sure I can quote that movie from start to finish! I rewatch it severeal times throughout Halloween! And then there’s Harry Potter!!! I don’t know why every HP movie screams fall/Halloween to me but it does and I don’t hate it! I love HP! (side note: I was never allowed to watch HP growing up bc of the wizardry etc) but when I got to college I HAD to see what all of the fuss was about and yall…I GET IT!! Seriously so good!


3.     PUMPKIN PATCH - Go to a pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkin! – Such a fun tradition that you can do with your significant other, girlfriends, or family! I like to find a place that also has a sunflower field! And as you can imagine I take TONS of pictures! (How cute are our wind suits that we have on in this pic.? We had the cutest little fall traditions growing up and going to the pumpkin patch to pick ours out and carving it with our family was a highlight for sure!



4.     APPLE PICKING – I haven’t done this one in forever but I want to find a place to go this year! When my sister and I were little we would go apple picking when we were visiting our grandparents in Tennessee with our mom and dad! Hope we get to do this again soon! Orchards of any kind are great for photo shoots too!


5.     MOUNTAINS - Like I said above my family and I use to always go to Tennessee every year to stay with my grandparents (they had the dreamiest little cabin in Tennessee) and it was on top of a mountain and you would look out and all you could see was just red, yellow, and orange!! Such breathtaking views of valleys and mountains just covered in color!! And the crisp cool breeze that accompanied those views will make you swoon! Since my sister and I both get a "fall break" this year we are planning on taking a family tree to either Tennessee or North Carolina next Month! 



6.     PICNIC – This is something I like to do before it gets too cold! Not really a problem you have if you live in Alabama! But I suggest packing a plaid, wool blanket, and some coffee or a pumpkin spice latte, some cookies or some other finger food and finding a scenic place to have a picnic! Chill out and enjoy!


7.     CLOTHING – Wear as much flannel and plaid as you can!! I love planning outfits for fall because of the layers! So much to put on and accessorize! Also fall is the best time for long shirts/sweaters and leggings with boots! You just can’t beat that combo!



8.     BLANKET- Invest in a comfy blanket that you can snuggle up in with a good book and a spiced tea! I recently bought one from TJMAXX and it’s the best! But quilts are my very favorites! I live in them in the fall and winter months. And you can always find one laying at the end of my bed!


9.     WALKS -Go on a foggy morning or an evening walk!  Or both! Take a friend or your fur baby! Walking is a great way to get some cardio in and Patton loves the leaves and I like having a buddy!



10. CROCK POT - Prepare your favorite crock-pot meals! They’re super easy and SO delicious! Throw all of your ingredients in before you leave for the day and when you come home you have a hearty, and delicious home-cooked meal!



11. LEAF FIGHT – This is self explanatory but so much fun! Do it!



12. Pumpkin Decorating - Carve and decorate your pumkins that you picked at the patch! Fun to do with friends and have a contest for whose masterpiece is the most creative! Then display your creation on your front porch!


13. FLOWERS –Put fall flowers everywhere…in your hair, on your porch, in your house etc. (I love mums and sunflowers!)



14. NAILS -Paint your nails a fun, fall color! This is the time to go for the dark colors such as grey and plum! Plus a great fall manicure will look amazing wrapped around your pumpkin-spiced latte!


15. TAILGATE – As most of you know, football is HUGE in the south! Like it’s life for so many people! Going to Auburn, (War Eagle!) I can’t get enough football and tailgating! For those who don’t know what tailgaiting is, its spending the day of the football game with friends and family at the stadium eating the most delicious grilled finger foods and sipping on adult beverages!



16. FAIR -Go to the county fair or whichever is closest to you! My sister and I use to go all the time with our parents when we were little but now that we are older and my sister is in college, I just go with my cousins and their kids and its so much fun seeing them light up and get excited about rides! (If we’re being honest I also go because of the funnel cakes, caramel apples, cozy dogs (corn dogs) andcotton candy! Anyone feel me??


17. BOOK – Get a new book (reading is a great way to relax and expand your vocabulary!



18. FIRE - Cuddle up by the fire (inside or outside). If you’re inside grab a good book and sit and read. If you’re outside have a bonfire!


19. HAYRIDE – Grab some friends and go on a hayride! If you’re brave enough find a “haunted hayride” and enjoy!



20. CRAFTS – Do some pinteresty crafts! You can decorate your house or room with them when you finish! I just finished making a beautiful fall garland for the fireplace and dining room table!


21. CAMPING – Camping, glamping, whatever suits your style but just get outside and do it! I enjoy both! See my post on “glamping” here.


Hope you guys found all or some of these helpful and would love to hear if any of you plan on incorporating any of these ideas into your fall routine!! Hope this post gets you guys as pumped for Fall as I am!!!  

XOXO -Erin


Hey loves! I hope you all had an amazing Valentine's day and that you all felt SO loved - because no matter your situation or relationship status I love and appreciate you all so much! I continue to be overwhelmed by your constant outpouring of love and encouragement and I will forever be grateful! I posted a photo on my instagram yesterday of the chocolate covered strawberries that my mom and I made and I got so many comments about them that I just had to share the how-to with you all! So here it is! These were SOOOO delicious and super easy to make!!

What you'll need:

1 lb. strawberries

8 ounces of chocolate (whatever you prefer - I used and HIGHLY recommend Godiva milk chocolate)


stove top

1 cup water

2 tsp butter

wax paper

1 glass bowl (heatproof)


Rinse and dry 1 lb. strawberries (set aside)

Add 10 oz. chocolate of your choice (I used the Godiva bars so I broke it into tiny pieces) and 2tsp butter in heatproof-glass bowl 

Pour 1 cup of water into skillet (should fill up to an inch)

 Set heatproof-glass bowl in the middle of water-filled skillet

Place skillet on stove top and heat until water starts to simmer and stir chocolate until completely melted. Once melted remove melted chocolate aside and set aside.

Dip and swirl strawberries in the melted chocolate and set on wax paper to cool and harden (approximately 20 min.)

Voila! Enjoy the deliciousness!

I'm sure there are some of you that love chocolate covered strawberries just as much as I do and I hope that you give this a try! Be sure to let me know in the comments below if you have tried this before or plan to try it! I hope you all have a great week! XOXO - Erin








This has to be my favorite DIY project ever!!! See how some twinkle lights, an old cast iron tub and a fire can make your dreams of an outdoor spa/sauna a reality! Post is finally up on my blog at! Be sure to check it out and send me your email by clicking "subscribe!" Be sure to comment or email me with your comments and/or feedback! I love hearing from all of you! 

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GO GREEN - DIY Cucumber Mint Scrub

So in the spirit of celebrating Saint Patrick's Day and all things green... I decided to share with you all this cucumber-mint scrub recipe I found on Pinterest that I LOVE!!! Seriously you guys have to try this!! You'll thank me later! It's simple, gentle on skin and super affordable to make! I love making this face scrub because I am an avid believer in skin exfoliation and I love anything mint!! I am sharing the recipe for this super amazing scrub/ morning pick-me-up below! Best part of this recipe is that you probably already have all of the ingredients you will need for this scrub already on hand in your kitchen pantry!

    Cucumber Mint Scrub Recipe:

1 Cucumber

3-4 cups of sugar (less or more depending on the intensity of the exfoliation you desire)

1/2 tbsp. olive oil

1 cup of chopped mint leaves


1. Using a fruit/vegetable peeler, remove skin from cucumber and dice into small chunks.

2. Place cucumber chunks into blender and puree until it is a liquid.

3. Add desired sugar, olive oil, and chopped mint leaves.

4. Blend contents together 

5. Pour scrub into desired container/jar (When I make this I usually use a rather large cucumber so I make enough scrub to fill a few jars. 

6. Due to the contents in this scrub you will need to keep it refrigerated. (I usually get a whole month in 1 jar! Since I usually fill more than one jar, I will place one in the fridge and freeze the others.)

I am NOT a morning person so I welcome anything that helps me wake up and feel refreshed in the mornings and this scrub does the trick! The exfoliation it provides makes my skin feel incredibly smooth and aids in easier makeup application. The cucumber helps eliminate any redness I might have and calms my skin. The cool mintiness (not sure thats a word?) of this scrub wakes me up and makes me feel energized and ready to take on the day! I hope you guys give this a try and fall in love with it too!! Be sure to let me know how it turns out and message me if you guys have any questions!! 






Seriously how healthy does this chopped cucumber look?! Just think of all of the health benefits this will have on your face!

Yes, that is an old blender but it still does the job!! 

I place my scrub in these cute little Mason jars or jam jars!! Can't wait to use this scrub in the morning!!